Tips to be Summer Ready


It’s Summer Time TEENS!!! Let’s beat the heat with the outfits you might want to try which are listed below:

Summer is about showing off some skin that you can’t do during regular days because of school. But you can still be stylish on a summer day without showing too much skin. How?

Check out your closet and look for anything that is light-colored and thin cloth. You may pair it with your favorite distressed jeans or shorts plus your favorite sandals to be comfortable on your day and wear sunglass to protect your eyes from the light of the sun. 2af28d73e6e283335f073bbab0fdc303

The next summer outfit is what I call the “lazy-me-outfit”. It’s simple yet very stylish and you can find this outfit anywhere. For the top, you just want to find something very lousy, light-colored and thin cloth. Pair it with jeans short, you may add in your favorite flats or your slippers, don’t forget your sunglass for eye protection and you may want to give yourself some accessories also to add more style.


You may change the look to the “cowboy style” by adding in the boots and white patterned top.


“I feel at home outfit” for the fourth outfit. This is the simplest outfit among the rest. By wearing this, you’ll feel like you’re just at home chilling, watching movies, lay down on the couch. Be confident with it, you can make it look fabulous! You want to look for a sleeveless loose top paired with loose gartered shorts paired with your favorite sandals plus eye protection which is the sunglass and finally accessories!


If you want to have that simple outfit, you might want to check out this coordinate (co-ords for others) plus your favorite rubber shoes or flats, sunglass, add some flower crown or other accessories, you also want to give your nails that flattering look so give it a bright nail polish!

2014-04-10 12.01.31 3

Is it a casual summer day? Try to put for your favorite white long sleeves, you may fold its sleeves up to your elbow, or tuck the front part or tuck the whole top, pair with shorts, you’re casual on the go back, pair it with flats, accessorize yourself with silver, white or black, paint your nails clear and wear eyeglass or sunglass (optional).


If you have overalls, it’s time to show them off! This gorgeous white lace boho style outfit is perfect for summer, just add up your sunglass and your favorite sandals and…. you’re good to go!


The final set of outfits is the coordinates, one of the most trending outfits today. I have here three pictures that you might want to check their store ( for amazing outfits and some of their products are:

h3110790_emily_21.04.15_mc_367834_a r3109358_gara_17.04.15_mc_364516_a t4111299_cindy_09.04.15_mc_353695_a

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Credits to all the sources:,,

Tell me what you guys think about it, reactions, feedbacks, suggestions, what you want to see more by commenting below! Have a nice day ahead and God bless.

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