Loyalty Award



A dog is the only thing on Earth that loves you more than itself.

Do you love animals especially dogs? Then you may be interested in this post. A dog is just so charming that when you look at them, there’s something unexplainable especially when you are a CERTIFIED DOG LOVER right? I know you, reader, can relate! I love you! I have 2 dogs right now.

The dog on the left one is the baby boy, Cody and the other one is our little girl, Daphne.

Cody is 2 years old and we have him for 1 year and 10 months now. He wasn’t the first dog, we had our first one. He was named Budoy, from a TV series Budoy, Philippines. Budoy was from my mom’s friend. We had him when he was 4 months old, he died when he was 2 years old. He was the first dog, he died because of leukemia for dogs. He was the first dog that’s why we aren’t aware of those things. So I miss you, bud! I know you’re always there, little angel, love you a lot!

Cody was the dog who has never-ending challenges. Since we got him, he always had these different diseases. First was something with his dirt, not to expand anymore it’s not appropriate to talk about here. The next thing was about his skin problems because of the environment he came from. We got him from Bulacan, Philippines. His original owner has almost 40 dogs that’s why Cody didn’t get that enough care. He went to a regular check up with his veterinarian, thank you Schipperke, our trusted vets. The last one he had is this complication, he had a goiter and it resulted in skin problems. This was the longest disease he experienced. The veterinarian had to advise him to wear the collar. But still he’s a cutie! Just please don’t mind me there. But he’s good now.


Our little girl Daphne is 5 months now. She’s still a baby girl. She’s the jolly one, unlike Cody who likes to sleep since he’s already old enough. Daphne still enjoys everything. She gets to play with everything, eat everything even if it’s not the food. She’s a super cute munchkin. She is so adorable and I just can’t resist it whenever she looks at me especially when I have foods with me. I remember when I first had the chance to give her a bath and she looked at me like she was pleading me to let her out.


She also had this thing that whenever she goes to sleep at night, she’ll get this toy of mine, the dog one and she’ll sleep beside it on her bed.


These two are my super love. In our house, they aren’t called pets, they’re not called animals nor dogs. They are our little brothers and sisters. We just love these two a lot. Thank you for giving so much happiness to the family babies, I LOVE YOU. ❤

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