Sun Kissed


What time is ut? SUMMER TIME, IT’S OUR VACATION!!!

Hair gets lighter. Skin gets darker. Water gets warmer. Drinks get colder. Music gets louder. Nights get longer. Life gets better.

SUMMER means happy times and good sunshine. It means going to the beach, going to Disneyland and have fun!!!It’s all about getting kissed by the sun and have some tan. Have fun! It’s once in a lifetime, make your own summer story! Remember the tans will fade but the memories will last forever. Live your life, dreamer!

Everybody has this summer escapade. There are different music festivals and under the sun activities that not only teens but everyone will surely enjoy, It’s way too hot, don’t forget to always drink water to keep you hydrated and prevent heat stroke.

We had our family beach get away recently to the SURFING CAPITAL OF THE PHILIPPINES – BALER, AURORA!!! We live in Pampanga so we expected that the time will be 4-6 hours. We left our house by 4 am and reached Baler around 10 in the morning. We were also able to catch sunrise  while we were on the road, unfortunately, didn’t have the chance to go down so I just had a shot from the car but it’s too dark.

On your way to Baler proper, you’ll pass this beautiful scenery, I forgot the name but it’s located at the end of the town before Baler.


We had our first stop at the Baler Museum, you’ll see the statue of Ferdinand Marcos, sitting at the center of the museum. The Museo de Baler itself, you have to pay for it so you can go inside, but since we just wanted to stretch ourselves because we still have 1 hr drive to reach our destination. The panoramic views of the trees in the museum are just so refreshing, you’ll also see the old house, and the car Marcos used. museo-de-baler-@-baler-park-1 11156821_822403394464013_1744778024_n 11144584_822401667797519_869278528_o 11154094_822402141130805_1934649453_o 11130967_822403641130655_513901598_o 11134392_822403224464030_958771717_n 11088017_823360284368324_1229884050_o 11118078_823302951040724_1989108930_n 1378811_1117570108258707_1544802255977168384_n

It’s a hot sunny day, good thing there is an ice cream vendor to freshen up your day! The color just refreshes your eyes.


After those picture-taking moments, we went straight to Dinadiawan, Baler where we stay overnight. We arrived there around 1 in the afternoon. The beach has a very nice view unfortunately, you can’t enjoy it because of the stones brought by the recent typhoon. 13712_1117571958258522_521314681056180891_n

We slept for few hours after eating our late lunch then tried to swim. The waves are surely for surfing and the only problem is the stones on the beach. We didn’t enjoy it so later at the afternoon, we looked for different places where we can enjoy swimming, and they taught us the mini falls which is 15 minutes walk from the resort. Too bad we weren’t able to bring our cameras with us because we were dripping wet when we walked to the falls. That was my first time, the falls is just so awesome. It didn’t disappoint me, as expected it’s like you’re swimming in water with ice because it’s so cold. It’s like you’re on a massage spa when you go under the rocks at the start of the falls and the water is just so clear. We stayed there for hours and went back to our villas. We had dinner then had some fun. It’s a bonfire kind of night but we can’t search for woods that we can use. So we decided to have it on a table while sipping wine and telling stories and our baby is there!!

11150334_1117583804924004_5998681899512491387_n 11118824_1117580924924292_2403943362467665597_n

After that, me and my cousins just went to the sea-side and continued the conversation. The beach is also a beautiful place for sunrise

11009952_1117591678256550_5380784286939383425_n 11059348_1117591624923222_6466539775595378644_n10408969_1117591874923197_2552392064484755326_n

When you’re in a beautiful place and having fun, you don’t want to go home anymore. You just want to stay there and have more relaxing time. But since some of the elders have works to go back to, we went home the next day. It’s a beautiful summer vacation that we hope we can do next time, thank you Baler for giving us another memory to keep for the rest of our lives. Hope you guys had fun reading, tell me your favorite summer vacation, comment below because I love to hear from you. God bless and hope you have a great day ahead.

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