Full-time Worker’s Summer


Anticipated summer for several months and be very excited when it finally arrives. Most people become alive when summer comes to the picture. Mostly goes to beach, covered with sun screen, grabbing some cold drink while reading your favorite book under the shade of an umbrella. Unfortunately, you are there, going to the office, covered with business uniform, grabbing some coffee while reading proposals and papers on your desk. Those sleepless nights, sleepover, waking up early for a vacation are gone. If you’re tired of summer disappearing before you can go outside, here are some tips for you to enjoy summer despite your full-time schedule though I know this is a challenge for you, but I hope, you’ll get some tips.


Yes… I know… I know it’s hard to wake up early than your call time. This is probably one of the unbearable experiences in life it’s painful right? Sleeping until the most possible last second before work will start your day with a rushed manner that causes you to miss the best part of summer. Instead of pressing the snooze button for how many times, set your alarm an hour earlier. Enjoy your breakfast on the patio while feeling the calm weather or go on a jogging or walk. Just enjoy the air and summer scenery.


Try to invite your co-workers to go out and enjoy the heat of the sun. Go for a lunch instead of eating inside your office, why don’t you try to go under the shades of tree and relax with the air.


Be more than willing to work for hours during the other seasons but draw the line at working over summer. Arriving extra early or staying extra late will create resentment at being stuck at work while other are having a good time and enjoying the pleasant weather. During your work, focus your energy on completing all your tasks so you don’t have to add extra time on work.


After tiring long work weeks, summer is not an occasion to just stay at home and lay on your couch. Instead, spice it up! Get your family up and moving outdoors. You may enjoy different under-the-sun activities like biking, hiking, outdoor picnics, you may also want to spend it by the pool or an overnight on the beach, outdoor adventures are the best spices. Go out and enjoy summer when you aren’t at work!


You may also want to invite your work mates or group of people in your company to go on regular walks or a quick jaunt to the ice cream shop. It is a great way to get some of sunshine, summer air and exercise as well. I also believe that in every company there would always be this company outing so join in and give your brain and hardworking hands some time to recharge and refresh.


I got this trick from my mom. They have different kinds of leave, they have force leave, birthday leave, and more but I don’t know what they call them anymore. So anyways… her technique is she will reserve all those leave slips. She’ll look at the holidays and if there is a day in between days without work, she’ll file a leave for her to have that long weekend even if it’s not summer. It’s a great idea to save them for better purposes. Having few days off to spruce up your lawn or camp at a local lake, go overnight on a beach, in any ways you can feel like you’re really making the most of the warm weather.

Working through summer isn’t ideal but it’s a reality that majority of workers face. Try to plan summer activities ahead of time so you know when to file your leave so that you won’t miss the warm weather. This isn’t just for workers but also for the students who need to attend class during summers. Remember that spending your vacation working doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun anymore or your summer will be less fulfilling than those people enjoying the heat of the sun. Even if this year won’t be all surfing, swimming, diving, music festivals for you, don’t stress yourself! There are still reasons why a summer spent working may not be so bad just like, you’re taking responsibilities for finances and for your future, you’re lucky to have job because there are a lot of unemployed citizens, you won’t get bored. Hope you learned from this post, hope you can use the tips I gave, I’m sorry if I didn’t really give this post justice. To the bottom of my heart, sincerest apologies because I’m still a student that’s why I had a hard time doing this but still tried to do it because of all your good feed backs and you guys inspired me a lot to do more. God bless, have a nice day ahead.

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