Mother’s Love


Our family and friends play a major role in our life. They are our sources of everything. They are our strength, at the same time, weakness. Family? They’re the ones we’re going back to at the end of the day. We’ll wake up with them, go to school or work then go home. It just means that, we’ll wake up seeing them, telling us that we are awesome, then we’ll leave, we’ll do our stuffs, we might succeed or fail, we may be happy or sad, then we’ll go home, that, whatever happened to our day, it’ll be our family whose gonna be there for us, they will never leave us, and our parents have a big part. Since this is a Mother’s Day article, I want to share thoughts about moms.

Mothers are precious. Except for God’s love to us, there is no greater than a MOTHER’S LOVE.


Respect. They are selfless. They don’t think about themselves anymore. They’ll do everything just to give us the comfort we deserve. They treat us as their greatest gift. They are doing everything just for us, to satisfy not just our needs but also our wants. Whenever our mother goes to work, we don’t usually know how much she works hard just to double everything up. We don’t know how dedicated she is because she wants to gain money, not for herself but for us. If they’re not working, we’ll see how hands on they are to us doing everything to make sure that we’re okay, looking up to us 24/7. We don’t how hard it is to be a mother, one way we can give back is to just treat them well because they don’t treat themselves well. How? We just have to give them all the respect they deserve. That’s a very good way.

Let’s give them our time. They deserve it. Even just for a few minutes, I’m sure, she’ll be happy. Remember how much time they spend for us. We are in her womb for 9 months, giving her pains, making her life so hard, but did she give up? No, because we are special to her. Remember all those sleepless nights she has when we’re still babies and wants milk, even if it’s 2 in the morning or midnight, she’ll wake up just to give us what we want, did she complain? No. She gave us all the time she can, so let’s try all our very best to give her the time she deserves. Because we know nothing about how much time she gave us and still giving us.

Show some care. Even on our simplest ways, let’s try to show her that we care for her not just because she never lost her care for us but because she’s our mother. When we are still babies, whenever we cry, our mothers don’t know what to do, they don’t know what to give us, they panic because we can’t speak of what we want. When we grew, whenever we fail to walk and gets wounded she is doing everything to give us a cure. Whenever we have fights with our playmates, we don’t know how much she was hurt also. Whenever we are tired playing, she takes care of us, give us food, lets us rest, give us a towel. If we have problems, we don’t know how much they worry for us. Let’s show care for them, try to treat her once in a while, cook her food, give her what she wants when she’s tired, just the same way she did when we were still kids. When we’re asleep? We don’t know what our mothers do to us. I remember this when I was sleeping, but I woke up because I heard the door opened, I pretended that I was asleep, the air condition was off and there’s no fan, it was so hot. I was looking at my mother half eyes opened, she opened the air condition then she wiped my face, she fixed my hair, she put towel at my back, she was just staring at me and smiling while she was fixing my hair, right after she left, I was just staring at the door and without even noticing, I cried. I don’t know why but maybe I just really saw how much my mom cared for me, how much she loves me.

Our mothers sacrifice for us. They are doing everything for us. But are we also willing to do everything for her? Are we also willing to sacrifice just like what she did? When was the last time you bond with your mom? Nowadays, most people forget to give time and just hang out with their moms because of all their wants, their friends, sometimes we forgot who the most important people are. Some also get influenced with their peers. You’ll see those who are shouting to their moms, giving them words, calling them names. Why do we have to do that? They don’t deserve that! What did she do? Nothing. She just gave us all the love, she gave us all the care, she gave us everything. I know there are times when we get mad because they can’t give us what we want. Why can’t we just understand? I know sometimes it’s hard especially when we really want this thing so bad. Give time to think that maybe it’s what is right for us, maybe we don’t even need that and there are a lot of things that are more important. When was the last time you told her that you love her? When was the last time you showed her that you’re lucky you have her? When was the last time you thanked God she gave her to you?

Let’s do everything for her while there is still time. Tell her you love her. That means a lot. If not today when? When she’s no longer there? When she doesn’t breathe anymore? Why? Can you still give her food when she’s already there lying? Can you still tell her you love her when she can’t hear you anymore? Will that be the time you’ll get to realize how much you love her? She won’t hear you anymore, she can’t give you a response anymore. Did you already say thank you to her? Thanked her because of her unending love? For all the times she spent? For all those sacrifices she did? For all those hard works for you? For sending you to school? For letting you have your wants? For giving you a life? For giving you comfort? Say thanks to her while she’s there. Please don’t wait for her to leave before you tell her that. Did you already tell her how sorry you are for all the bad deeds you’ve done? For hurting her? Don’t let her leave thinking that she didn’t do what she was supposed to do, don’t let her leave thinking that she wasn’t a good mom to you, because even on the very first day, she’s already a great mother. Give her your love and time. Even if we have a lot of fights, arguments, at the end of the day, she still loves us and nothing changed. No matter how much we hurt them, she’s always more than willing to forgive. Remember that she isn’t just our mom, she’s our everything, our teacher, our nurse, our everything. Love your mom, because she loves you more than her life.

God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers.
– Rudyard Kipling

Greet your mom a Happy Mother’s Day for me, and by the way, happiest birthday to the greatest mom, so much love mommy.

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