How to Deal With Negativity


Negativity is something that can change everything to an instant. It’s something that can transform you to a person you are not. It’s something that can make light things big. Negativity? We all thought it’s so hard to fight, but actually it’s only the mind who thinks and control everything.

I just want to share the story of mine, not to ask for sympathy but to tell everyone how am I able to overcome and let’s all learn lessons from it. Come and Join me!

Just like anyone else out there, I also have my problems with me. I have lots of them. Small or big, problems are still problems to be solved.

There are a lot of people who doesn’t like me, well maybe it’s natural. There are people who like you and there are not. All we have to do is to accept that fact. Don’t try to change just for them to like you, that’s a big No! If they don’t like you then leave them! Hey dear, there are more than 7 billion people around the world, I’m sure there are people out there who will appreciate you, who will accept you for who you are. Remember, True friends will not change you to who you are not but will accept you for who you are. Always put in your mind what your real goal in life is; to be HAPPY.

There are a lot of people who will hate you, some just don’t like you and some are insecure. What is insecurity? For me, insecurity is just a street word for a person who is jealous. Don’t be too affected with them, this negativity should be seen as a positive one. Why? For me, you won’t have this insecure people or haters or whatever you call them if you don’t have anything which is more than what they have. I believe if there is this insecure person, he is a jealous one. Why? Because of your achievements. Maybe you topped a class and he didn’t. Maybe you passed a proposal and he didn’t. Maybe you have a happier life than he has. You should be happy, be positive always. If you’ll treat that negative ones as negative, trust me, you’ll just double the problem.

Kindness kills your haters. Don’t show them you’re being upset or affected about it. Just show how happy you are and how contented you are with the positive people around you. If you get affected? It’ll make them happy. Go on! Chin up, flip you hair and flash your beautiful smile, you are awesome!

What I usually do, especially lately that I’m dealing with my friends or maybe my “ex” friends. I have tons of negative words coming from them. They call me names, they make fun of me, they talk about me over social media, pity them they can’t be brave. Okay, going back to what I usually do, of course for the first few hours maybe you’ll get affected, what I’ll do is turn my phone off, go inside my room, lay down and just give myself time to calm down. When I think, I’m already okay? It’s time to show up, I won’t mind it then I’ll take a screen capture of it, send it to my boyfriend or a friend or someone I can trust and tell everything to them, then. we’ll just laugh at it like nothing is happening. If they tell you something, or call you names, just say “Thank you and God bless” why say thanks to them? Because they will serve as your motivation. Yes! If they’re telling you that you’re fat or that there is a thing they said that you can’t, then prove them wrong! Prove them that you are better than them.

Always be positive, it’ll make your life lighter. Don’t let negative things occupy your mind, it’ll just make things worse.

Hope you learned, good luck!

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