Life Goals


You are born beautiful. You are born with a life, it’s for you to be creative.

Treat your life as your own canvas. Just a plain canvas. Do you want your canvas to remain plain your entire life? Of course not. You want it to be amazing as long as you can. You want it to look beautiful. You want it to be exciting. Now, think of your goals as your decorations. You are setting your own decorations, these would give spice to the canvas. Whether you succeed or you fail, still there will be a mark that will be left. And just like any other person, I also have my own goals in life. If you’re interested then… SCROLL DOWN! 


  • Become a designer. Ever since I was a kid, I love designing. I usually draw a lot of dresses and I’m telling my mom that when I grow up, all those designs will become real. That those designs won’t just remain as designs. I love drawing different kind of dresses, outfits, gowns and I even design different houses, but they’re still stocked in my cabinet, I hope someday!
  • Become a writer. I also wanted to become one because I want to inspire a lot of people. I want my writings to be lessons for everybody and as well as for me. I want to write and just have fun. I’m near to that, hey look! I already put up my own blog. I just really hope it will be pushed through.
  •  Become a photographer. This thing is really my passion. I just love to take a lot of pictures. Not just selfies but it’s really my habit to take pictures especially when it’s something new to me. If you’ll check up my phone or my folders, you’ll see a lot of photographs. Someday, I want to be a professional photographer. In fact, I want to take photography after finishing my course I’m taking now.


  • Create a foundation and fund for a cause. I don’t want to see people suffering from poverty that’s why even nowadays, I’m trying my best to give help up to what I can do. But for now since I’m still a student, I can’t afford to put up a foundation, but I am really hoping soon I can put one.
  • Sponsor a child house. Children are very close to my heart. I just really love kids, I once tried visiting a child house and I saw different children there and it was just so heartwarming seeing them with a lot of hopes despite everything that’s why I told myself, if I’ll have money, I’ll surely give it to them, I really want to help so bad.


  • I want to inspire. That’s actually my dream. I really want to inspire a lot. Like, if I’ll be old enough and look back, it will really feel good to know that through your years, you didn’t just make your life amazing but also you touched a lot of lives. I want to share wisdom. I want to learn and teach.
  • Be an inspirational speaker. Again, I want to inspire and one of the pictures I built is I am standing in front of everybody. Dressed properly and neatly. Holding a microphone. Sharing my experiences. I want to share everything. I want to share my life. I want to share all the flaws and failures I had and how I was able to overcome them.


  • EUROPE. Hey! Who doesn’t want to go here right? This is actually number one in my bucket list. To visit Europe and see Eiffel Tower. I am just so in love with Europe and if I’ll have a step? Well.. I may be the happiest person by then! Actually I’m planning to have a trip for my Debut!
  • Greece. Santorini? OMG!!! I just love the color. That white and blue combination? Who wouldn’t agree with me about the beauty of the city? Just a perfect place for a vacation!
  • Maldives. I want to flaunt! What’s the perfect place? Ahh!!! I love Maldives with the beautiful scenery of beaches. It’s so peaceful. Just a perfect place for you to spend with your loved ones and flaunt your hard work!
  • Dubai. Wow! I love how the city of Dubai is filled with buildings. Let’s go there!!!
  • New York. The city of lights. Imagining myself roaming around late at night and just enjoying the cold weather and the beautiful lights in the city.
  • Island hopping. Who doesn’t want to enjoy the breeze of the beach? The cold clear water, different sand textures, and colors. I love summer! Can’t wait for this one.
  • Headquarter. I want to go to Google and Facebook’s Headquarters. I just want to go there because of too much curiosity about how everything works so good!


  • Jogger. I want to be a regular morning jogger. I tried to do this many times but since I’m so lazy during mornings, hey let’s just do jumping jacks for warm ups. LOL. But really I’m trying my best to be a regular morning jogger.
  • Drinks. I want to drink only water and juice for even just a year. OMG. I hate it because CHEAT DAYS were invented. There are a lot of bad influences when it comes to my regular diet that’s why it leads me to cheating! That’s a sad fact.
  • Candice. You know Candice of Victoria Secret? Among the angels, she’s really the one who caught my attention. I just really love her. I love her hair, her full lips, her jaw line, and most especially, her ABS! Her body is my dream body that’s why I’m working really hard for it. Too bad, because of a hectic schedule right now, I stopped working out. But right after this, I’ll be going back to you!

6. Business

  • Firm. I am an accountancy student, after college? I want to have my own firm, that’s my biggest goal in life. I just want to be a successful person.
  • Boutique. I want to have my own boutique because I love going to different ones so when that right time comes, I want to build one and launch it!

7. Experience

  • Rave Party. I just enjoy parties. Not a party girl but when invited to a party? I just love it and I enjoy myself so much, I treat it as my “me-time” since I’ve been a busy person.
  • Book. I want to have my own book to publish and there written are my personal experiences, thoughts to share with everybody and let them be inspired.
  • Meditate. I want to try to meditate with a monk. I want to experience how they do it and how it feels.
  • Shoes. One of my bucket lists is to buy myself that Christian Louboutin shoes. I just really love how classy they look, hoping I can purchase one.
  • Artist. I want to be an artist. I want to be in drama, comedy or romance. I want to just really be shown on-screen. I want to be an artist. That’s it.

8. Family

  • Mom. I want to go on a road trip with mom and just have fun with it. Going to different places and trying their specialties, that’s an awesome mother-daughter bonding right?
  • Family. I want to take my family to a month-long vacation. Thinking about nothing but just enjoying.
  • Marriage. Who doesn’t want to get married? I want to walk down the aisle and my husband-to-be is at the end of it waiting for me, exchange of vows, wearing a beautiful gown, wow! I want to marry the man I have right now. Because there’s nothing more I can ask for.
  • My family. I want to have my own family, 3 kids are enough. I want to live in our own house, I want to watch them as they grow, take care of them, send them to school, spoil them, I just want to have a family.

So there are some of my life goals. But remember, the biggest goal in life is to live happily. Life won’t make sense if you’re trying to do something or trying to reach a goal which doesn’t even give you happiness. It’s still better to do something that you really love and will surely make you happy. Hope you enjoyed reading and maybe I gave you more ideas for your goal setting. Tell me what you think about this. I love you, Good luck on your journey dreamer!

If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a GOAL. Not to PEOPLE  or THINGS.

     – Albert Einstein

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