How to Deal with Insecurities


Insecurity is a feeling of uncertainty, a lack of confidence or anxiety about yourself, it’s mostly felt by people especially girls. We are just humans, we are born to be insecure I think, at the same time a choice on how you will deal with it. The thing when it’s your first day of school and you are walking down the canteen seeing a lot of people having their friends with them and you’re insecure because you want to have a friend to be with also. But always remember that insecurities shouldn’t ruin your life, they should be the ones to lead you to a BETTER YOU.

I know how hard it is to fight insecurities, I know how tough it is when you see a lot of people better than you, I know what everyone goes through with it, but of course, we shouldn’t just let it deteriorate us, we shouldn’t just let these insecurities put us down like dear, nothing will happen to you if you’ll be insecure for your entire life. You have to leave those!

Learn the art of LOVING YOURSELF, fall in love with yourself dear. Love every single thing about you, because it’s you and everything you have right now is what builds you. There’s a difference between Pride, Ego and Confidence.

Pride is something that you make yourself so flawless as if you aren’t making any mistake. Dude! Everyone makes mistakes if you don’t… then you’re not a human, I’m sorry! Don’t make yourself look like that, remember, the more mistakes you commit, the smarter you will be, and the more you learn to say sorry, the smarter people will see you.

Ego is something you shouldn’t do. For me, ego is like you’re always putting yourself at the top of no one else. You always want to make yourself better than anyone else. Don’t be better than anyone else, always be better than yourself.

Confidence is something you should always build for yourself. You should always have this within you. Because confidence leads you to being a better person, whether you fail or not, the most important thing is for you to learn. Believe in yourself that you are stunning! You’re an awesome individual.


I remember this quote I forgot where I saw this but it says that “Our good traits must be on our back that’s why it’s easy to see them with someone else but not by ourselves.”

You know dreamer, everyone has good traits. Everyone has something good about themselves. I believe everyone is good at something. You only have to look at those little things and focus on them. Look at the things even the simplest ones you have as simple as you can see them with others. The most important thing is to love yourself, see all the good things you have. Don’t be ashamed of who you are and what you look like, whatever your complexion is, whatever your size is, whatever your height is, even if you have the big lips, that not-so-pointy nose, those thick eyebrows, those flaws you have, YOU ARE WONDERFUL! Okay? Always keep that in your mind. Love yourself for who you are, love yourself for what you are. Because loving yourself will make others love you.

When you look at the mirror, don’t take it so bad. You are beautiful. But never look at yourself and say “OH! I’m so awesome! I’m gorgeous! I am better than them!” Remember, that’s not a good thing, you are not competing with someone else but yourself. That’s something to do with the ego, the right one? Look at yourself in the mirror and say “I know I can be better! I can do better” That’s the confidence.

I don’t know why people make fun of us when we go vain like, there’s nothing wrong with vanity. I mean for me that’s the best way to express and see the beauty of yourself, the thing why people are getting mental illness, lack of self-confidence is by being ashamed, people make fun of them whenever they fangirl about themselves. I mean nothing is wrong with that, I think, as long as you’re happy and you’re not hurting someone else physically and mentally.

Have you experienced this moment when there’s like a voice in your mind saying all your flaws and how bad you look like? It makes you upset right? You shouldn’t! Think of that voice like it’s coming from a drunken bastard knowing nothing. Instead, look at yourself, look how better you are, think to the most positive way you can. What I usually do is when I get compliments over social media or any text message, I screen capture them and put them on a folder and when I feel bad or down or upset or whatever, I open that folder and think how someone appreciates me, that I know I can be better. I know that I also have something within me. By that, all those bad things thrown to me goes straight to the trash.

“Why is she so good at playing the guitar?” “Why does her make-up looks better than mine?” “Why does she dress so well?” Drop that! Okay, think of this way. There will always be someone better than you, and there’s always you who will be better than someone. Okay? Maybe yeah she’s good at playing the guitar, her make-up is better than yours, her fashion sense is better than yours. Okay, accept it! Just accept the fact. But you should always connect it with a “YET” Maybe she’s good at playing that guitar yet she’s not good at drawing which you’re good at. See, there are a lot of things you can do that others can’t.


Strive for excellence, strive hard. You are stunning, unique, smart, talented. There will never be a person that is your exact copy. There is only one YOU. So never compare yourself to others, because whatever you have there, is what makes you, you. You are you, not somebody else.

Good luck on your journey dreamer, God bless!

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