Oldies Clothies


The following are not sponsored, they’re clothes that are stocked in my closet for a long time plus favorites! Have fun!

Look 1:

 Bottom and top: Forever 21


Look 2:

Dress:Seferde / Bonet: Baguio City

11347765_836922559678763_285014507_o 11266103_837328989638120_1869736676_o 11293372_837329739638045_972382731_o11286552_837329826304703_618207442_o

Look 3:

Top: Buy Jeans / Bottom: Forever 21 / Cap: DC

11262932_836445229726496_1150260559_o11264164_836445759726443_1166174902_o 11269111_837335299637489_647997445_n10722189_836444363059916_697641028_o

Look 4:

Top: Hotkiss 

11264999_837329679638051_435155891_o 11267842_836922446345441_776249612_o11337354_837329299638089_1266084617_o

Hope you guys enjoyed! Just a starter so I’m accepting suggestions and comments, just comment on this article!

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