Favorite Paulo Coelho’s



Who wouldn’t love Paulo Coelho?

Paulo Coelho became such an inspiration to me. He is my inspiration in writing and I’m using his words in my everyday life. I just love how his words are just so realistic and they just really inspire me a lot. So stay tuned for you to know my top favorite among his inspirational quotes.


Time is precious

This quote of Coelho is my top favorite. I just love seeing this every morning to remind myself that I need to do everything that I can do right now because there may be a day where I can’t do those things anymore and I don’t want to regret things in the end. The best example of this is school works such as assignments, projects, reviews, like usually we are these students who are “I’ll do this later, promise!” But in the end, you won’t be able to finish it because you spent the rest of your time with the things that aren’t so important. I always follow this quote with “But know what is more important with less important.” Because there are times when we always do what we want, but we tend to forget the things that we need to do.


Credits to healthythoughts.in

Move on

This is just a simple quote to tell you to move on with the past and prepare for what’s waiting for you. You won’t be able to see the rest if you’ll keep focusing on what already happened. Bid goodbye with your past and move forward for you to see what’s next. Enjoy life don’t get stuck in the past because there’s a better future waiting for you.


Go out of the box. Go out of the shell. Go out of the comfort zone.

Discover more of yourself. Don’t just be contented of what you know or what you think about yourself. Life is way too long, discover more beautiful things about you. For sure, there are a lot more for you. There are a lot of things that you can do which you don’t know yet. Spend time, spend your life wisely. Know your worth darling. One more thing, if people are telling you things like you’re only up to that limit and you can’t anymore go beyond it, take it as a challenge, prove them wrong. You are precious darling, I know that you still have something amazing hidden inside you. Discover it!


This is a must

As always, never force yourself to do things that you don’t want to do. Never try to do things that you know won’t make you happy. You won’t be able to do things well if they’re against your will. Happiness should always be with you. You shouldn’t make it leave you because happiness is one key that will make you reach your goal and make you a better person. This quote is somewhat related with the first one. Do things that you can do right now which will make you happy but never forget to think of what’s important to the lesser ones.


Never be afraid to show your emotions

Whenever we write, whenever we compose, there will surely be an inspiration, neither good nor bad, what you are writing and what you are composing are based on what you are feeling and what you’re going through. Non-verbal communication, it simply means that whenever you cry people will already know what’s happening and how you feel. Never be afraid to cry and show how weak you are because everyone does. It will be a big relief if you’ll let it come out. You have friends with you that will always lend a shoulder to cry on and a hand to hold on whenever you are feeling like you’re so down. This quote just describes what I’ve been going through these days. I had a lot of problems and they still keep on coming. You may see me as a strong woman, but only those who really know me know how bad I cry whenever I talk to them or open up to them about these kinds of problems but after that I’m okay. So never be afraid to show what you feel. If you feel like crying? You can always cry, you’re just a human, you’re not a robot, you have your emotions with you.


Nobody’s perfect

No one is, so don’t even try to be. They don’t exist, don’t push yourself too much to be perfect because your limit will only be until close to perfect just enjoy your life, don’t put too much pressure on your back. Everyone makes mistakes, everyone gets mistreated, everyone has their flaws, just be you, because whatever you do, you’ll still be judged so it’s better for you to just do what makes you happy as long as you aren’t stepping into someone or you don’t harm anyone physically and mentally.


 Express not impress

This blog was made without any expectations. I didn’t expect to get a lot of viewers. I didn’t expect this being reblogged. I didn’t expect that it will be featured. I didn’t expect that a lot of people will love it. I didn’t expect that I’ll be getting a lot of compliments. I made this blog because I just want to. I made this because it’s my dream. I made this to share my knowledge. I made this to inspire. I made this to help. Nothing more, nothing less. Never expect for you to avoid disappointments. Just do whatever you want to do and if there may be compliments, then go. Just never expect anything in return.

paulo coelho

Haters gonna hate

This is what we need in whatever we do. Just keep on doing and shut your mouth. You don’t have to explain because your friends will always understand it even without any single word. If they really are your real friends, they will instantly know what you want to say or what you want to express. For the haters? Hey! They’re your haters, of course, they will never believe you. They will always believe what they want to believe. They hate you so don’t expect them to believe. You’re just wasting your time, instead be productive if they’ll hate you? Come on! Flip hair and turn back, walk with your head high.

Tell me what’s your favorite one and love, good luck on your journey!

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