I’m A Student


Hi, there guys! I’ve been too busy these past few weeks and apologies to those who are waiting for posts here in my blog. I was too busy in school and I got sick until now my right eye hurts that I can’t really update my blog. Anyways, I’m having this post for you to see everything I do, and know how it feels to be a student in the Philippines. So without further ado, LET’S GET TO IT!

I’M A STUDENT. I’m already on my second year in college taking Bachelor of Science in Accountancy at Holy Angel University, one of the best school picks in our place.

Being a college student is not as easy as 1,2,3. You are the class president in High School. You are one of the honors, you even graduated as the Valedictorian. But that doesn’t matter in College. College is about starting a new you, it’s about building a new you. People won’t care about who you were but will always want to know who you are. It’s just like a computer where you will reformat it and start a clean new you. Take advantage of it, change the way you used to be a better you for you to be able to pursue your dreams very well.

As I said, I’m currently on my second year now and the start of this year is not that good for me. I’ve been too bothered since a week before class started because of the things that happened to me last year. I’ve been dealing with a lot of issues in life and dealing with a lot of people who are not meant for me. This year is really the year for me to recover, build myself again, forget the past and start a new me.

A week has passed and I’m seeing them within the school, but I’m trying to keep myself calm and just ignore everything. They even put a last fight and that’s where I told myself to stop and just be happy then focus on my studies because this is my goal, this is the reason why I’m attending school, to learn and be able to achieve my dreams. I thought, the first week of class will only be the introduction part, where you will be asked to introduce yourself to everybody, every subject like it’s insane. But I was wrong, maybe because the professors thought that we already knew each other because we already spent a year in the same school, but they were wrong so we are the ones who catch up and we ourselves made ways to know each other though we’re not yet that comfortable but everything takes steps and it’s starting by knowing them until you will say “They’re already my friends”

As expected, college is really not easy. We’ve already been dealing with problems regarding the subjects and the professor. So far for me, everything is still ok except for one subject, our History subject. Like I really don’t like this subject because there are a lot of things written in there and you need to study everything like from the first person to the last and I find that super difficult plus the professor who is crazy. Lol, I mean didn’t she know that the subject she’s teaching is quite difficult and she’s a terror. We really can’t get her. We can’t like her and I thought it’s just me but it’s everyone in the class. Everyone’s like, “I wish there’s no History class today” “I want to skip that class”.

I had new friends and I’ve been loving their company because they’re the friends of my friends. (Did you get it? Apologies if not) They give me happiness and that’s what friends are for, they catch you during the times when you are falling, luckily I’ve not been there yet and I hope not but if ever I know they will be there for me. I’m just the typical school girl who will just enjoy my life while having some consciousness when it regards to studying. I’m a chill person, I don’t want to pressure myself because I think that the more you pressure yourself the more you’re making it hard to achieve. Things are getting serious now because we have 3 weeks left before our major examinations and that’s a thing you need to be serious of. Time flies so fast. To sum up my 3 weeks in my sophomore year, well it’s great and I wish that it will still be great until the end.

Thank you for reading and I love you guys so much!

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