Quick Weekend Getaway


Are you itching for a quick weekend getaway? Here I have the best place for you. Apologies I still can’t name the resort because Pangako Sayo shooting is still ongoing. Anyways, after the shoot, I can tell you details about it. If you want to have an overview of the resort, stay tuned and without further due, LET’S GET TO IT!

If you want a quick escape from the busy metropolis, this is the best place for you to stay since it offers nice accommodations, surfing-suitable beach, great tasting foods and array of activities for you to spice up your stay

Casa Corazon “House of Hearts”


The thing that I love about the resort is once you get there, you will be welcomed by the friendly staffs. Unfortunately, we had a problem with our accommodation since it’s raining and we need to change rooms but the staffs handled it very well and still managed to be very kind with us.

We would like to extend our thank you to Sir Carl for being so kind to us, we were so stressed because we don’t have enough money to change rooms, but we need to for our safety. He gave each of us Toblerone because he saw how problematic we are and gave us discount as well so that we can still stay in the resort.

Our main purpose for staying is to visit the shooting because we are fans of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla. The resort is just 2-3 hours away from Pampanga.


The rooms that they offer have towels, comfortable beds, cold air condition, flat screen tv with cable, and these personal stuffs, apologies the picture of our room was accidentally deleted, but it’s very spacious and relaxing, our room is Luke Lower and surprisingly it’s Amy Austria whose occupying the upper part of our villa.

If you are a huge fan of sunsets, this place is also perfect you. It’s like a huge sunset painting is drawn exactly in front of you. The scene is just so breathtaking and so relaxing.




Since we arrived late, the next day is spent roaming around the resort and enjoying the scenic view. They offer hectares of gray soft sand for you. We had our breakfast which is included in our accommodation. They offer a breakfast buffet at King Solomon’s Hall.




Way to the beach

Way to the beach




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The resort also offers fun activities for you to enjoy while beach bumming.

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For the lookbook which I had, will be uploaded soon so watch out for it anyways, for the pictures of our main purpose you can check it out on my Instagram account which is linked here in my blog.



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