You Are One of A Kind


Look at the stars… the fingerprints… the snowflakes… the sand… the rocks… the diamonds… and the gems…

Do they not look the same to you? They do, right? But, did you know that they are all unique? That they may look the same but the real thing is none of them are the same..

Just like you… You are also unique… You are one of a kind in your own simple way…

Always remember that there will never be a person that is exactly identical to you… Yes, there may be someone that is your look alike but then again, just like those stars above, you are special. You don’t have a clone, I can say. Everything about you is definitely special.

You have your very own special feature that will surely set you apart from the others. That there will always be at least one feature that will make you different from the rest. For example, your physical feature.

What is your eye color? Do you have long or short eyelashes? How big are your ears? How about the length of your hair? You know what? It’s not all about the looks. Maybe, there is something more special deep inside you… Maybe, you’re really patient, understanding, generous or can just really make people happy by cracking jokes that no one else can… Maybe you have the right bits of advice or you’re just a very good listener… Well then, you are indeed blessed. because, you have the gift of UNIQUENESS, which you should know how to value because it’s given to you… It’s already given to you since birth… Well, even before you got conscious enough about yourself.

Sometimes, you will really get insecure a lot and start searching for things. But, that’s the point, you keep on searching that you tend to forget that what you’re looking for to be unique is just right in front of you. There is this thing that most of the generation nowadays think is right… That whenever you conform to the society, people will accept you. But… in life, it’s not always gonna be about being accepted by everybody but it’s just about simply accepting yourself first, which starts deep down there in your heart. Accept every little thing about you, even your imperfections because you’ll never know how those imperfections look like to others… that there is someone out there that finds it beautiful and not as a flaw… that it can look perfect to them

There are times where you will feel like you don’t belong, that you are lonely. Don’t get too upset with that because there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s all part of you, growing up, it’s all part of your journey and let me tell you that you’re not alone because there are so many people just like you who are also trying to figure it out.

There will be a lot of ups and downs. The road to life is never gonna be straight. There’s gonna be bumps your way but, just know that you have people that will help you. You have someone out there that will guide and help you, that will understand you.

Things like these have something to do with self-confidence. And self-confidence is like a muscle that you need to work out and then maintain. Remind yourself how beautiful you are as a person and repeat that thought everyday because like a muscle, you can’t tone it overnight, you have to work hard for a period of time… And after that? Like a toned muscle, you will feel that your confidence is now much stronger. Always remember that a strong confidence or strong mind can do just about anything.

Come and take a look at yourself. Appreciate your talents. You think you don’t have? Everyone has… You don’t need to always get an A in class or be the gold medalist in every Olympic. Just know that the real meaning of talent is simply having that ability to allow you do some things well and just literally anything.

You may not be that supermodel but, hey! That’s the beauty of it… That you’re just who you are and don’t even try to be perfect because only robots are… being one of a kind is simply just being you, please keep that in mind.




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