Top 5 Favorite Youtuber


Hello there, readers!!! The requested post is finally here! As you guys don’t know, I’m a huge fan of people on youtube  YOUTUBERS!!!
Well, I’ve been really obsessed with these people for the past months and I really just can’t let a day pass without watching even a single video of them even if I’ve watched the video for several times, I just really love them a lot. So I suggest, if you easily get bored, just like me, this is one of the best ways to spend your time and hope you have fun! I have a lot of favorites but if I’d put them all in this post, it will take you years reading, so I chose my top 5 favorites and without further ado, let’s get to it!

1. Zoella


Of course, top 1 goes to Zoella! Who wouldn’t love this girl? Except for she is really beautiful, I also love her personality and bubbliness, I literally would love to hear her voice over and over again. Zoella (Zoe Sugg) is a British YouTuber, blogger, author, and a beauty guru. She has beauty products and published a book (Girl Online) I love her vlogs so much and I spend hours viewing them, MoreZoella, and I also love Nala!

2. Alex Centomo


Another bubbly girl on youtube! My goals are all in her, body goals, healthy lifestyle, hair goals, feed goals since it’s very Tumblr. Whenever I watch her videos, I feel like motivated again to get myself back on track and without noticing, I’d end up lying in the bed and just watching her videos and just spending the time, watching her workouts and healthy diet. Visit her channel and more of her vlogs, AlexCentomoVlogs.

3. PointlessBlog


PointlessBlog, Alfie Deyes, Zoe’s boyfriend. What I love about this guy, except for I ship Zalfie, his humor and I don’t know I just really enjoy seeing his face on a video and just laugh everything out. Especially when he is with his fellow YouTubers and of course, Zoe. I also love his pictures, and his vlogs are in here, PointlessBlogTv.

4. Chachi Gonzales


Olivia “Chachi” Gonzales, who visited the Philippines, few months ago. Except for I’m a fan of her choreography and I really love how she dances, she recently had different segment on her channel and it’s not anymore all about just choreography, she decided to spice her videos and I’m really enjoying it and I love how she speaks and I just love this young lady as much as I love ice cream and donuts also.

5. Josh Leyva


This guy here has the best humor in youtube! The boyfriend of Chachi and when you visit his channel, you’ll hurt your stomach, I just really laugh so hard when I’m on his channel. This guy also has a beautiful body and I wish I could touch it. Just kidding! I also ship Chachi and him because they’re just so cute when they’re together and they’re just so sweet!

So there you have it, guys! I hope you enjoyed this post and tell me who’s your favorite and like this post if you want more of this. Don’t forget to subscribe to get updates from my blog!

18 thoughts on “Top 5 Favorite Youtuber

  1. Love your reviews on your favourite YouTubers. Mine is
    Caspar Lee
    Jim Chapman
    Tanya Burr
    Marcus Butler
    Niomi Smart
    Lucy and Lydia
    Fun for Louis

    So sorry it’s a long list hahah


    • The brit squad. By the way, I envy your picture. I just love joe so much. I think I have to do an updated version of this. I am obsessed with Joe and Zoe a lot now.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Naww I am sure you will meet him in future and I really hope you do because he is lovely! And every Joe Sugg viewer/subscriber should have a chance to meet him 🙂 He just has that Joe Sugg effect on you, doesn’t he? Like his personality is just so lovable and I like how he’s just so quick witted and he doesn’t have to try to be funny cause he just is naturally hilarious. And he is so sweet and caring as well in real life, all the more you should meet him :D. Do YouTubers do meet and greets at your place often? If yes, you should go the next time Joe visits!


      • They already went here in Philippines with Caspar and Oli unfortunately, I didn’t have money that time. I wish soon. They said Joe will be back for his book tour and I am really dying to know when. I really love him, I am falling in love seriously. Haha. Sounds funny but he is really just a very good person, he isn’t just effortless funny, you can also see in him his kindness and how protective he is to zoe even if zoe is older than him. I just love him so much and I can’t express it very well, he gives me so much happiness.

        Liked by 1 person

      • He will be back in the Phillipines I am sure of it 🙂 He kept mentioning he wants to go back and maybe the next time, you could see him again! When’s the next YouTube fanfest?

        By the way, it doesn’t sound funny that you are falling in love with him 🙂 I reckon we all are hahah! I guess it’s because we know his personality if not all too well, it’s at least 50% of how he is in real life 😀

        Also, yes, he is very protective of zoe and that is really sweet! I am glad to hear that he makes you happy and I must say that I have to agree with you on that point 100%. He does genuinely make us very happy and blessed that he exists 😀 Do you watch back his videos every now and then?


      • Yes yes. I do, whenever I am in a bad mood or I am not really feeling great, I’ll just open her videos and I will be okay again. I keep on repeating every video and whenever he uploads one, Right that minute I will surely watch and I really wait for them like, the time here is earlier than yours right? So whenever he tweets like okay 5 pm I will upload a video, I am waiting until around 2-3 am here and I just can’t resist. Haha


      • I love troye! Hahaha. In fact, I think troye is included… We have a fan fest here in Philippines, fans of JB, Ariana and the rest, I am to put one of my stabs to troye, for support. ❤️


      • Nice!! At least there’s a YouTube fan fest in your country. There’s nothing YouTube related where I am from(Malaysia) so no YouTubers ever visit Malaysia although Louis Cole was there during the New Year but that’s just one :/ I don’t think most of them know where Malaysia is to be honest..

        Hopefully Troye does a tour in the Philippines 😀 That would be so cool! And you can get to see him perform live! ❤


      • I hope so, months ago they said Joe’s having a book tour here in Philippines, supposed to be it’s last december 😦 I don’t know what happened.


      • Hmm… Maybe he’s just waiting for the perfect time to go there. Well he said there will be huge announcements coming up this month so I hope one of it is that 🙂 We’ll see but in the meantime, don’t stop believing 😀


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