#AskMich I

This is the first batch of #AskMich!


  • I started blogging since the 30th of April, 2015 and I’ve wanted to start it since I was in Highschool, but I didn’t know how. 😦


  • Smile at them because that’s what makes them weak and just have fun with your life, don’t let them ruin you, it’s your life, not theirs. Ooh. I have a post here about how to deal with haters. You might want to check it out!


  • Hindi pumapatok? Hehe. People like you are the ones who inspire me a lot. Hihi. 🙂 Kung hindi pumapatok, bakit mo viniview? Why did I even reach 4,000+ views and gain subscribers if hindi patok?


  • It’s me, really. 🙂


  • I have lots of embarrassing moments in my life, to be honest. But, what I consider most is when I was in my elementary days because I fell over in front of a lot of people while trying to get a drink. Funny enough okay. Haha 🙂


  • No, because I think I know who you are lol just jokin’. Love you!♥


  • Maybe, giving them what they want to see. Segments like this maybe and their suggested posts, so far that’s the best thing I could give them 🙂


  • Hey, you again! Hihi. 🙂 The most challenging part is that you have to make each and every topic interesting and pleasurable to the eyes and ears of everybody. There are a lot of readers and there are a lot of eyes on it so as much as possible, these things should be close to perfect. But for me, the more you take it, the more you won’t be able to do it well, so just have fun with what you’re doing and everything else follows.


  • Edi wow! LOL


  • I’m just being me, I will just do whatever I want and everything in this blog is what I really want to tell. I’m just really being me and everything is somewhat based on experiences or the things me, personally want to do. Maybe it’s just that, I blog wholeheartedly and I’m having fun with what I’m doing which I think is the most important bit.

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