#AskMich II


The second batch of #AskMich!


  • I’m a fan of Kath since I was a kid and Daniel during Gimik as far as I can remember… but I started following them (like going gaga) during Growing Up.


  • It’s Kath (not being biased) and it’s not gonna be a date but a sistery kind of bonding since I don’t have an older sister and our likes are mostly similar to each other maybe we can hang out and then talk about our likes and dislikes and do the things that we want to do then DJ will come to check Kath and we’ll end up going out together! 🙂


  • Probably set visits. ♥ And I can’t wait for another one, soon. 🙂


  • Have fun with your blog, do what you love, trust your abilities and just be yourself. Blog what you want as long as it’s not going beyond the limit. Don’t be under pressure because the more you take it, the more you won’t be able to do your job/passion/interest/hobby or whatever you want to call blogging, well.


  • Hard work is the key to success, not bashing so instead of spending a lot of time hating me, just mind your own business. 🙂 I feel more motivated though let’s admit it’s not that easy to treat them like that but if you can benefit from it, why not right? So just take it in the most positive way instead of giving yourself stress.


  • My top favorite is the “Mother’s Love” because it’s the first time for me to talk about mothers especially my mom and this post is really the most inspired one, there is a very special story behind this while my least favorite probably is “Ways to Spot Fake Friends and Deal with It” I just don’t feel comfortable about it and I made it because of hatred and hurt. 😦


  • When I disappointed my mom because of a vacation. I will never forget this thing. I am on an overnight vacation that time with my friends, but my mother didn’t want me to go but I pushed through and the next day came, when I got home, dad told me my mom cried the whole night and she really didn’t talk to me for days so for me that’s the greatest failure I did and the lesson I learned from that is that always listen to your mom because they won’t do decisions nor actions that can harm you, they only want what’s best for you.


  • With All My Affection, Arisse, Zoella, Michelle Phan. ♥


  • Definitely my cousin, I guess. Because we share the same humor and whenever I’m with her, I can just literally be me and we can do a lot of crazy stuffs together. We will definitely enjoy the trip for sure.


  • I take every day as a challenge for me to be able to come up with a wonderful post (oh please, mich stop this!) What I mean is to do this thing correctly and be able to come up with a lot of ideas.

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