Wow Lip Tattoo


I never tried any of this Wow Lip Tattoo so I was really excited when I got a message that they’re sending me these to have a try on it.

The lip tattoos have really amazing colors that would really blend your peg (desired look) and would definitely go for all occasions. They definitely have a shade for being sweet to the classy rebellious girl.

The packaging is beautiful and it really caught my attention. They are very handy and the color is shiny silver that’s why I really liked it. You can see the different shades on the box, making you choose your color easier.

For the product itself, they’re easy to use but is really taking time. It’s not advisable if you’re in a rush (based on experience) because once you applied it, you have to wait for about 10 minutes before you can peel it off. They smell good they’re like candies applied to your lips. I tried this when I was to attend school and surprisingly, the color really stayed until the next day where I already took a bath. They really last on your lips so you don’t have to worry of retouching every now and then.

My favorite color is the watermelon shade because it’s not too red yet not too pink which for me is the best shade to fit me, especially that I’m attending classes.

2 thoughts on “Wow Lip Tattoo

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