Squad Trip

11301361_920163341354684_287491670_n (1)

It will always be a wonderful trip when you’re with your friends or your family. I love to travel and I’m loving it more when I’m with the people I love. Recently, to refresh our minds, we decided to go out of town. Welcome to Tagaytay City and Enchanted Kingdom!


The first destination is Tagaytay City. We expected that it will be a little bit cool in here but as soon as we got there, it was more than our expectation. It’s really cold but still made it very enjoyable because of the view and the lovely fog which almost covered Taal Volcano. I am now really loving pine trees. We also took our lunch here since we are bringing foods with us and some sort of picture takings and just enjoying the view we have. Next, Enchanted Kingdom.


The main destination of the trip, the magical world of Enchanted Kingdom. Ever since I was a kid, I really love this place. Still the best amusement park of my life. This will always be my go-to place with my go-to outfit thank you kicks for sending me and my sister the shoes. We didn’t take many pictures since I really wanted to enjoy everything especially that I am with my friends and also my family who separated ways with us because I have little siblings who can’t ride what we want to ride. The trip was very enjoyable and worth it even if there are loads of people in the park, it will still be added to my favorites.

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