Day 3: Favorite Quote


As you guys are also aware, my favorite quote of all time is “If others can, why can’t I?” It’s just too simple and doesn’t contain that deep thought in it. By just reading it, you can easily reveal the message it conveys. This is the most helpful quote I can always use. I’m that kind of person who doesn’t really have the confidence to do things but ever since I read this, I said that, yeah, if they can do it, why can’t I do it? In fact, we’re all humans. Since then, I’ve been using this quote because it always serves as my motivation in life to try new things and do things that I love which before I’m scared of. For example, this blog, you know I really wanted to have it so bad but I was scared and there are a lot of thoughts in my mind like, what if they won’t like it? What if I get criticized? What if… there are a lot of them but then I told myself that there are a lot of people who have blogs, so if they did it, I can also do it.

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