Day 6: Friends


11301361_920163341354684_287491670_n (1)


These are some of the most recent pictures me and my friends have. These photos were taken when we went to Enchanted Kingdom last 29th of November. These photos are special because we were friends since secondary school and now we are all in college and we have conflicts with our schedules whenever we want to go out with each other and that’s the reason why they’re really special because we all met at the same time though we’re still incomplete, still it was one of those moments we will surely treasure for the rest of our lives and one more thing that makes it special is because this is the first that we all went out of town riding the same vehicle at the same time.

Nobody has a perfect friendship. It’s normal to have misunderstandings and arguments between the circle of friends. What’s important is, those conflicts should not ruin your friendship, instead, they must make your relationship even stronger until you will be able to pass even the hardest struggle that will come in your paths. I may say, to be honest, I am a blessed person to have them in my life, to have them as my siblings from different parents, we may not be all connected by blood, but for sure, we know that we are connected by heart and we all really treat each other as our very own sisters and brothers. I just really feel so blessed and happy to have all of them.

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