Day 7: Pet to Keep


Guinea pigs!!! Yes, I’d love to have one. I’m not gonna post a dog because I already have two and the next pet I want to have is guinea pig. I just really find them too cute because of their size and whenever I see them eat, I just really stare at their mouths because they’re just too cute when they eat. Unfortunately, I can’t have them.

I can’t have them because there might be no one to take care of them. Because guinea pigs really need much care and as you guys all know, I’m a student and I don’t stay that much at home. My dad, who’s left at home is also quite busy and I think he can’t anymore manage to have additional pets to watch out for. One more thing that makes me want them more is because when I was a kid, whenever we go to the pet shop, I always watch them and would always ask my mom to buy me one, yet until now I don’t have one, nice! But if would be given a chance to have them, why not right? Who can resist their cuteness?

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