Day 8: 5 Current Goals


Since ber-months came, I’ve been too busy. I really had a hectic schedule which is really hard for me to deal with that’s why for the coming days, I’m having this current goal.

  1. Enough sleep. Yes indeed, this is the number one because I am really not getting enough sleep, for how many months, you can count with your fingers how many times I had enough sleep. Time management is what will help me most to achieve this, wishing.
  2. Inner peace. After sleep, peace yes exactly. We all know, busy schedule makes us feel more exhausted and sometimes, we are always in a bad mood and unintentionally, we are doing this that may harm other people. So the next thing I want to have with me is inner peace and learn how to take things easily and don’t mix up things.
  3. Studies. Of course, this shouldn’t be gone when you’re talking about your goals. As a student, your main goal is to finish school, for now, I’m not thinking of what will happen in the future, but I should focus more on finishing this term before taking it to another more complicated step.
  4. Successful blog. For this month, my main quota is to reach 6,000 views. Can you help me, guys? It will really make me happy. I know it’s not that good to endorse yourself to others but, yeah! Hihi. 🙂 Just a Christmas gift, please? Thank you! Love lots, xx.

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