Day 11: Childhood Picture


Apologies, it was really blurry because it’s been bloomin’ ages.

Hello there! So, this is me when I turned 1 year old. This is right after my 1st birthday celebration, wait how did I know? It was on my 1st birthday photo album! I wish I didn’t grow or I grew but maintained that cuteness, oh no! Hahahaha. Of course, I won’t know that much about this picture so I will just tell you what I can remember based on the stories my parents are telling me.

As I mentioned, this was the night after my 1st birthday party. Too bad it’s too blurry, I’ll ask someone to fix it maybe they can make it better and I’ll just update the post. Anyways, I am currently opening my gifts in here and I received too many stuffed toys which I still have some with me today, I remember, I gave some to my little cousin few weeks ago. I was laughing in here with my two big front teeth like a rabbit because they were throwing some jokes and funny faces on the dolls like the doll used to talk and they’re moving so, as a kid, for sure I will really be happy with that and as you can see my hand, I am trying to reach for it because maybe I just really love the doll so much and I am really reaching for it.


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