Day 19: Travel Essentials


Been too busy with my exams and wasn’t able to be consistent updating everyday.

What’s in my travel bag? As you would know, I’m the person who loves to travel a lot but doesn’t want to bring too many things with me. For the vacation, I’ll be staying at Baguio (which I think I’m already there when you read this) So I will tell you what are my travel essentials.

For the first bag, the purple one my clothes are in there. I’m bringing four ootd’s which I will be posting at the end of the trip. Also the clothes which I’ll be wearing at night, towels and flat iron which for sure will very much be needed on this trip. And my necessities are also in here.

Next bag is the brown one where I’ll be putting my daily essentials which I can bring with me everywhere such as powder, perfume some eye&brow liner, wallet, charger, earphones, tissue, and alcohol.

For the paper bag, I just used an old blue magic paper bag which was given to my sister few days ago with a cute gift inside. In here are all of my shoes which again will be used for my ootd’s.

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