Day 21: Baguio — 1st Day

 We went first to Our Lady of Manaoag in Pangasinan to attend a mass. We had our breakfast there and we went straight to Baguio. 

 We arrived at around 2 pm and we just stayed at home, we had our lunch and just spent the day inside because the car isn’t allowed to go out due to coding. After few hours, they went outside but I decided to stay at home because something happened which isn’t good and it really made me feel so upset and bothered so I decided to stay for a while.


Finally, when I came back to my mood, me and my cousin went to a walk and we went to the Whitehouse which people also visit because it became famous when it was used as a location to shoot for the movie, Whitehouse. I also wanted to go out to get wifi signal for me to be able to upload my blog plus I wasn’t still able to pass my assignment online that day and the main reason is because I want to talk to someone over the internet. Unfortunately, the house we are staying in doesn’t give justice to wifi signal and it just makes me a bit crazy because I am that kind of person who really needs a wifi to chat with everybody. But then, we weren’t able to get some so, we went back home and had our dinner.

   Around 8 pm we went out again because I really need a wifi so bad. The whole gang except the oldies went out to experience Baguio’s night life. We just went for a walk to the night market where a part of the road is closed and there are really a lot of things which you can buy at a low price and grabbed ourselves some foods. I wasn’t able to enjoy it because I was too busy using my phone because of the same problem plus the blog takes years to upload and I can’t pass my assignment. What a trip right? Oh cr*p! I wasn’t able to fix my problem with a person, but I was able to upload Day 19 and was able to pass my assignment. Right after that, we want back home. But! The day isn’t still over because me and my cousins grabbed ourselves some wine to drink while chilling at the living room and having bits of conversations. We went to bed not so late and not so early, hoping tomorrow will be more happy wifi day and a wonderful experience.

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