Day 22: Baguio — 2nd Day

Today is more of going out and exploring Baguio. We had our itineraries as you should always do whenever you are on a trip so you’ll be able to manage your time.
Since it’s our first morning, we went out and had a walk at the camp with our dogs. As you would expect, it’s literally freezing cold outside and you can’t barely move. We had the walk for almost an hour and grabbed ourselves some Taho and Puto Kutsinta then went back home.

We just stayed at home while others are drinking their coffees with them and right after, we all prepared to go out.

Our first destination was, Chinese Palace. Since it’s a chinese palace, it is filled with chinese things, it wasn’t that much big but it was very beautiful in photos so I still loved it plus the lotus flowers they had are really attention-catcher.

Second, we went to La Trinidad because we need to buy some vegetables for us to have something to cook for dinner. We had our strawberry wines and vegetables for our dinner. It really smelled not quite good because of the fertilizer in the Strawberry Farm but if you really love plants and picking fruits, this is a place for you.

After that, we had our lunch, really late lunch because it was 2 pm already at Burnham Park. We just had a little picnic in there and then went to the market to buy meat and fishes again for us to have something to cook for the next days. And then went back home for us to grab ourselves some dinner and rest for a while.

Night time, of course, is another night life. We went to SM Baguio to buy clothes and some things we need then went back to Night Market to buy more of the things which we can use at a low price again. Then went back home and had a little chill drink again with the gang.

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