Day 23: Baguio — 3rd Day


 Hello! Third day and we’re feeling a bit sad because this is second to the last day of the trip. So we made sure to enjoy the day. As always, of course, we went again for a morning walk and then had breakfast then prepped to go out.

For our first destination today, we went to the botanical garden. I thought it will just really be about plants and what I didn’t know is it is also picture perfect. The view is just so good really refreshing to the eye. We also went inside the Japanese tunnel which was made between 1942-1945. The tunnel is really dark inside and creeps me out because I just watched the movie As Above So Below which I think you should watch if you love horror and mysteries. We went then to Camp John Hay to have a little picnic again for our lunch. We had a funny and memorable experience in here. Whenever you are to eat, you have to rent the tables and it became expensive this year because it was posted that it costs 225 per table. So we ate our lunch and as soon as we ended, the collector still didn’t come so we rushed to car and went home. Dear collector, if you’ll see this, sorry!😂

 Next stop, we went to Mines View Park where we bought our souvenirs. There’s nothing much exciting in there but the breathtaking view and never ending souvenir shops.

Then, we went back home and had a rest because it will be a long night for us.


At night, it’s gonna be night life!!! We first went to the Christmas village and yes! I love it in here everything is just so festive though we are looking so green inside but I love festive things so I love it in here. I feel like I’m a kid again. After that, we went again to night market and ate foods in there batchoy, corn, totobits and I just love them.

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