Day 25: Baguio Lookbook

  For Day 1, since I will be coming from definitely a hot place to a cold place, I wanted to balance it. So, I decided to wear this pullover which was sent to me I love it because it is really comfy and it’s so soft plus the shorts which I believe I bought in Divisoria few months ago partnered with the black flats from Kicks and accessorized with my favorite puma watch and rayban shades.

  Since it’s really cold outside and we are going out to experience Baguio’s night life, I changed my shorts to pants from Forever 21.


Day 2 is my comfy go-to-look since I know that this will be a long and tiring day because we will go to different places. So, I wore my trusted plain white sweater from Jeans USA partnered with pants and shoes from Keds and adding a boyish look with a cap from Adidas.


Day 3 comes, deciding to be girly yet still comfy and warm, I wore my cropped sweater from Blush which I really love except for I love to wear crop tops, it’s about the texture and I love how girly it is because of the back part if you will see on the first picture, if the wind will blow from the back, you will literally see my entire back. High waisted pants from Forever 21 added with Kicks again plus my favorite Puma watch and rayban shades. Adding some spice, I decided to curl my hair to feel more girly.

For night I just topped everything off with my hoodie from VonDutch which really kept me warm the entire trip plus my Adidas cap.

Day 4 it’s going home, just like day 1 I wanted to balance the weather so I wore a shirt topped with this hoodie plus the high waist ripped jeans from Forever 21 and Fila shoes which is also one of my favorites added with Adidas cap, Rayban shades and Puma watch.

Happy Holidays everyone! ❤️💋 Don’t forget the real essence of Christmas.

Hugs and kisses, Love Mich💕

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