Day 26: 10 Ways to Win My Heart


I am that kind of person who easily falls in love, which sometimes is really not good for me, win my heart? It’s easy.

  1. I love guys who can make me laugh. Guys who could share the same humor with me because me, personally loves to laugh, I really do laugh at small things. So the first step to winning my heart is to make me happy and let’s share the same humor together.
  2. I’m a weird person without permanent decisions at times and it’s a very big point if a person will get to understand me and my point why I do such things.
  3. Since I am a happy go lucky person, I want someone who will join me with all of my trips but will remind me of my limits and will always be there to guide me if it’s already too much. I don’t want KJ’s because I love to have fun and KJ’s really piss me off.
  4. I love guys who can support me at all times. I love to discover new things, I want to try new things and I love doing a lot of things. So if you can’t support me with it, better not talk to me. I am a busy person, I do blogs, I am a fangirl and if you can’t support me with it, sorry but I’d choose them over you, but trust me if you give 100 percent support? I will always love you with all my heart. I also love people who recognize every little achievement and not just my flaws. I mean, who wouldn’t want their achievements to be noticed? We become more motivated, right?
  5. The stomach is the key to my heart. I love foods and I love to eat. I want someone who will be there on my food trips and won’t be like bawal yan, sira sa diet yan, o baka tumaba ka. What will attract me a lot is a person who will definitely eat bunches of foods with me and will then join me burn everything after.
  6. I’m not a materialistic person and what matters to me is effort. I prefer cheap things with more effort exerted rather than an expensive one without exerting any effort.
  7. I love gestures, I love people who are sweet. Those simple things like holding my hands and making me feel secure are my favorites. Simple words catch my heart and gentlemanliness will always be a big point. I also love those who notices every little thing because sometimes I express myself through those little things.
  8. Talk to me every now and then, don’t allow any dead air to come. I am a talkative person(yes really) and I’d love to talk with people and discover each other. Dead air is a big no because once that appeared I lose interest.
  9. I easily get upset and anxious that’s why I would love to have someone who will make every negative vibe positive. Just please tell me everything’s fine even if everything’s not doing good. Just tell me you will always be there and will always have my back.
  10. Make me feel special in any simple way you can, I don’t need expensive things all I need is time and effort.

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