Graham Balls

This is really just an easy recipe but for those who still don’t know how to do it, here is a simple and cheap way for you to satisfy your craving. This is perfect to serve on some occasions especially if you really have a sweet tooth, you will definitely like them. You can make them anytime you like since it’s just really easy to do and it doesn’t cost that much, though it really takes time to do it.

Ingredients: (80-90 pieces)

  • 3 packs crashed grahams
  • 2 condensed milk
  • 1 pack marshmallow


  1. Pour your crashed grahams on your mixing bowl and combine it with 2 condensed milk. Remember to pour and then mix, don’t pour everything once because it will be harder to mix.
  2. Just continue mixing it all together using fork, spatula or your clean hands (which I do) if it’s too sticky, add more condensed milk and continue mixing until it resembles a crumb.
  3. Get a scoop of the mixture depends on how big you want it to be and flatten it on your palm then add the marshmallow at the center.
  4. Pinch the graham to seal in the marshmallow then roll it between your palm to form a ball.
  5. You may coat the graham balls any of your desire, you may dip them in chocolates or add sprinkles but since it’s already sweet, I decided to just leave it there.
  6. Continue doing the steps and when you’re finished, you want to refrigerate it for 10-15 minutes until they become firm and hardened.

Enjoy your dessert! This is also fun to do when you have kids, you may ask them to help you also.

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