Girl Guide: Single on Valentine’s Day

Hey, there beautiful girl! Being single doesn’t mean that you have to find Valentine’s Day as a depressing occasion. For me, Valentine’s isn’t just a day for lovers, like February as a month of love is not just for couples or for those with partners. For me, it’s month of love that if you feel loved and you give love, you are free to celebrate Valentine’s, remember that you have your friends with you or your family whom you can always celebrate with. This day can also be your “me” time. This is the survival guide for single girls on a valentine’s day.

  1. Buy yourself chocolates. I know this may sound crazy but trust me, it’s the perfect time for you to get what chocolate you want and girl, you don’t need anyone to buy it for you right? Come on, you can buy it on your own, it will also make you feel good since chocolate releases endorphins.
  2. Pamper Day. Go on and spend some money for yourself. It’s good to sometimes be a little selfish, so go and make this day a day for you to love yourself and appreciate yourself.
  3. Go on a shopping. Since it’s valentine’s day and you’re supposed to buy something or use the money for a partner, now that you are single, you can use that money to spoil yourself with all your pleasures. Visit your favorite shopping mall and purchase that expensive pumps or sneakers you like, buy that beautiful dress you’ve been looking for days. Because… who cares? It’s your day!
  4. Bake or cook. If you love to stay in the kitchen, well this is right for you. They say that the way to someone’s heart is through the stomach, well win yourself, darling. Go on and browse new recipes for you to try or even experiment new things, be creative! If you are also in need of some recipes, come and check out my recipe section maybe you’d like something.
  5. Stay inside. If you don’t want to go out because you don’t want to see romantic people on the road, well you can just stay at home. Just stay in your bed and watch Netflix plus your favorite foods. Isn’t that nice? If you don’t have someone to be there now, well you can watch different characters and feel free to fancy them. (This is what I’m most likely to do, hahaha)

Don’t put too much worry if you are single this valentine’s day. Don’t be too bitter also please? You know what? Why don’t you just take this day also to be happy for them and celebrate their love? Take this day as an opportunity to love yourself because that’s where real love comes from, by loving yourself first. Spend the rest of the day treating yourself, don’t be too stressed about it, besides it’s just a day… after sleeping, it won’t anymore be valentine’s day.

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