Hello, guys! Some of you requested to give tips or tutorial on how I edit my Instagram pictures, lately. And why not? So stay tuned and watch out.

For my Instagram, I’ve said many times that I really love to take pictures and you can really see it on my account (a Michelle PND). For the feed, I decided this year to change my feed every month and I decided to have this faded pinky-blue dark feed for February. I don’t know I just really love it because I see that it’s really girly and since it’s february, it somewhat fit the love month.

Take note: The edit depends on the picture. Not all edits will have the same result.

For the editing stuff, I am using VSCO. For the filter, I am using P5 (+12) which gives the picture the faded look I want. And then, I will directly go to the adjustments since it is a darky thing, I am adjusting the exposure around -3 or -4 again depends on the light the picture has. Then, to add more of the fade thing, remove the contrast, I mostly use -4 and +3 up to +5 for the temperature, this gives control to the color of your picture. And finally, the thing that really changes the color, go to the highlights section, pick magenta (+12) And viola! There you have it, February-themed photos.

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