Go-to Make up Essentials


Hola everybody! Another make up tip. Well, not definitely make up tip but will just share about what my affordable go-to make up essentials are. I am not any professional about this, I am just using them the way I think they are used, the way I want them to use and the most effective way to me.

For me, wearing make up is really not a bad thing, it’s like enhancing yourself but of course, you don’t want to change your look or your face, you just want to add bits to make you more presentable and beautiful everytime. Wearing heavy make up, real heavy make up is the thing that I think is not good for us, because when you put too heavy make ups, sometimes, you are already hiding your real face which is really not good for every person.

So for today, I decided to talk about the things that I use everytime I go out.

  1. Pond’s Flawless White BB+ – It is in the shade of beige, which is perfect for my skin because I really have a fair skin. This product for me, does a great job to give your face that full cover. It gives the face a little bit of moist so if you really have oily skin, I don’t recommend this. Anyways, for me, I like it because it moisturizes my skin as well as it protects my face from the sun since it has SPF 30++ and it just really smells good. I use this as the base for my face.
  2. Careline BB Cream – For this product, I chose the nude shade which is lighter than my skin tone. I preferred it lighter because I use this BB cream to give highlights to my face and it has a dual purpose to me-highlight and conceal. Since, I can’t find the perfect concealer I want, I just used this BB cream to cover those underbags which I am rich at then, some blemishes (there are just days that I have massive spots) and highlight the apples of my cheeks, my chin, brow bone, and bridge of the nose.
  3. Wow Lip Tattoo – This product, I have different colors in here but the current favorite one is this cherry red. I already had a product review, just click this if you are interested. Anyways, After I prepped my skin, I apply this because I need to wait for minutes until I can peel it off.
  4. Avon glimmersticks brow definer – While waiting for the lip tattoo to dry, I apply brow liner. For this product requires a light hand, I swear. The first time I used this I hated this because it gave me those thick dark eyebrows because I applied it really hard and gave me a hard time to remove it which I think is a good thing for eyebrow liners because you want it to last real long. The shade I am using is B03 Dark Brown. It really defines my brows and gives a job well done, just apply it slightly.
  5. SanSan Mascara – You can never go wrong with black, and it’s the shade I am using (I think everyone does). I have been searching for great mascara’s and finally I found this. I really like it because it is so light, unlike those other mascara’s where you can really feel it heavy in your eyelashes which irritates me a lot making me want to remove it always. And another thing I like here is that, it doesn’t make your eyelashes like stick together and making it appear like you only have 5 strands. Thumbs up for me, I really like it. And of course, it is always paired with eyelash curler.
  6. Bobbie Lipstick – 047 shade. It is in pink, I don’t wear bright red lipsticks, not a fan. But the lip tattoo, gives it a reddish shade so it’s not that pinky. This moisturizes my lips which I really like because I really have dry lips making it really cracky and ungalamorous so, this lippy is perfect for me.
  7. Johnson’s Powder – For the final touch, powder. I am not fan of foundations or any press powder, I just don’t like it. So, basic, the classic johnson’s powder. Just giving myself that matte finish and addin in also some bits to my lips to make it a bit matte.

So there you have it. Cheap and really easy to use. I wear this look always since this is the only look I know how to do (hahaha). For this look, it cost me just about 900 pesos. Great! So tell, me what you think about it in the comments below and tell me what more you want me to share about beauty.

Thank you so much guys for the massive support and love, I really give a huge thanks to all of you for making me reach 7,000 views! I love you guys so much, just a little achievement but this means a lot to me. I wish I can thank you all personally, sending hugs and kisses. Love you, loves! x

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