Summer Workout Routine


Hello! How is your summer going lately? It’s quite a bit late for this post but for those who haven’t been on their summer get-aways yet, you may want to try this workout routine and wear your favorite swimsuit confidently.

It has been quite a long time already since I did something like this, because to be honest, me myself got so busy that I didn’t have time to workout on my own, but since it’s summer already, I now had enough time to work out and I hope you too.

First things first, when you wake up in the morning, you want to drink a glass of water. Next is you want to do some stretchings so that your body will not be in pain after you work out and so that you wouldn’t injure yourself throughout the exercise. The stretching I do are the normal ones for your arms, neck (which gets really painful when you workout) and of course, your legs. Right after that, I go straight to my work out.

These exercises are quite “killer abs”. So I divided the workout into two sets. The exercises are 30 seconds each and you have to repeat Set 1 twice. (You can go over youtube on how you will do the exercises because I believe pictures and written instructions are not that effective)

SET 1:

  1. Heel touches
  2. Single knee raise crunch
  3. Reach throughs
  4. Wide Toe Touches
  5. Starfish Crunch
  6. Windmills

Then repeat set 1 for 30 seconds each still.

SET 2:

  1. Plank
  2. Side Plank (30 seconds each per side)

After all the workouts, you can now cool down and do those upward dogs and everything. Of course, work out won’t be effective if you will not join it with a healthy food and of course, you should do it regularly. Always rememeber that the key to making yourself healthy and fit is motivation. If you want to have a motivation or inspiration plus some great workouts, I truly suggest for you to download PumpUp App (which I talked about here) on App Store or Play Store, it is just for free and really helpful.

Hope you enjoyed this and it helped you, work hard and flaunt well with confidence. Love you! x.


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