Going out with friends (#squadgoals) is just one of the things I love to do during my free time. Who wouldn’t want to, by the way? It’s just a stress-free day full of fun stuffs and not caring about anything, you just have fun and laugh out of your asses, literally.

So recently, as most of you know, I just had this proper summer getaway with my long time friends. I can’t tell it really is a getaway, but let’s just consider it like that, LOL. So one of my friends is celebrating his birthday today (April 16) but we celebrated it in advance due to his schedule.

Okay now so… how do I start? I really don’t know how will I even talk about it because I really had so much fun so I guess, I’ll just let some of the pictures we had to do the job. The photos are not that many because we wanted to have fun more rather than focusing the camera always to everybody’s face.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetIMG_5673IMG_5672IMG_5671IMG_5670

This is the resort we stayed overnight – Facundo Farm Resort which is just here in Pampanga. Although we didn’t have the best service, we still made sure that we are enjoying ourselves. It really is beautiful but what I just really don’t like is that the water is really warm. I don’t know if it’s because of the super hot weather we have right now but seriously because we stayed in the pool until around 11 pm yet the water is still warm and that there’s no a bit deeper pool for us but the rest, it’s beautiful.


I have to tell you a secret, lol. So we stayed in this villa, it’s called Baguio 1. The design is really beautiful and I like those woody things though they’re not real woods. It’s big and really accommodated the seven of us. This isn’t the real villa that we booked the day before. They told us that the room we’re supposed to be staying is still vacant but when we came there they said that the room is already booked but they didn’t see it so they just moved us to this room, and the funny thing is we paid the amount of the room we booked and not the amount of this room, thank you dearest staffs! Hi to the manager, if you are reading this, I am sorry but don’t be mad to your staffs because we had a great time and built amazing memories inside this villa.


This is that afternoon before we went swimming



Alms? Nope! It was supposed to be a photo with #GrowingOldWithTheSquad because our hands were like those of the oldies, wrinkly I can say because of staying too long in the water but it was a major failure. Haha

So this was just us having fun under the sun and in the pool though the sun is already setting down here. We had more of videos than pictures so if you are interested of seeing it, you might go to my facebook page. We just enjoyed swimming and just cracking jokes around then catching up.

After that, we went back to our villa because we felt hungry so prepared dinner and then went back again to swim until 11 pm then shower time! As what I said we built tons of amazing memories inside the villa. We played games as what typical teenagers do, spin the bottle, truth or dares, cards, and never have I ever. It was really fun and you will really hurt your stomach and burst out laughing.

Who sleeps on getaways? I don’t… well I can say we didn’t sleep that much because we drank coffee around 2 in the morning (funny right?) and then when it’s around 3 in the morning some decided to sleep but we can’t sleep so what they did, which I didn’t quite like, is to tell horror stories, I really am so bad at those and to think it’s 3 am which we all believe is the devil’s hour. I was shaking and feeling really cold the entire time that they were sharing those stories then 4 am came they decided to sleep but typical me, I can’t sleep really so I stayed all day long until I realized it’s already bright outside yet I’m still wide awake. I had the chance to sleep, around 30-45 minutes, 8 in the morning. We still want to swim but the sun is really hot outside and that we don’t want to burn ourselves and we are really sleepy so we just stayed inside the villa and then checked out at 12 noon.

So there you have it guys! How about you, what’s your summer getaway story?


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