Bataan Trip

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A travel diary is back! (Am I too excited for this? Well, sounds like I do) Summer is here and it’s quite a bit late to start going out but, summer is still summer and I thought that I’d love to share it with you. I know that there are not that much excitement on my posts but, I’m thinking maybe you’d like it anyways. So let’s get started!

I just had my proper out of town summer get away and it’s definitely what I’ve been waiting for since summer started, although it’s not the right time for me to have fun because I still have exams to think about. So, we went to Sunset View in Morong, Bataan. We arrived a bit late, because of some things but we wouldn’t just let that day pass without us diving in the water. As soon as we arrived, we checked in and fixed our things then changed clothes so we can go and swim while the others are preparing the foods. It’s a beach resort so it’s quite expected that the pool won’t be that deep (I can say no thrill for me when a pool is shallow). The water again is warm (just like what I had with my get away with my friends) which, I think I’m starting to like a little bit now.

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Since we live in the Culinary Capital of the Philippines, of course, we will serve ourselves delish Kapampangan foods we definitely love.

After we ate, we all spend the rest of the hours in the pool and then took a shower and prepared to go to sleep, because the next day is surely exciting.

Am I just the only one or we do really love the beach set up. Like, living near the beach with a cool breeze at night, the sound of the waves, beautiful view of sunset and sunrise, right? So again, whenever we go for a summer vacay, these are the top things I really am excited for the beautiful view of sunrise and sunset.

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The beautiful sunrise view from our hotel, unfortunately, we weren’t unable to see the sunset.

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The pool and the beach, top view from our hotel.

We spent the first few hours that we’re up playing one of my favorite sports but admitting that I’m not good at it volleyball. (Well, let’s just please pretend that I’m an expert)

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We were so excited to go to the beach that morning, unfortunately, when we went out, we saw that it was low tide and we definitely can’t swim so we decided to take another risky adventure – boat riding. I am really not a fan of these things because I really don’t trust the ocean (well because we don’t know what’s deep down there), but it was all worth it still, another experience and exploration of the island.

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I just so love this, the place where we went via boat.

After enjoying few hours on the island, we then went back to our resort and dived in the pool again while some are already taking their baths and preparing to go home.

Right after that, we went to Ima, Pamangan. Another Kapampangan restaurant and we had our late lunch.

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So there you have it! My simple yet another refreshing summer get away. Hope you like it and if you already had something this summer, share it and let’s talk about it! Love you! x.




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