Live with the King

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I know each of us once dreamt of being a queen, king, prince or princess. Once in our lives, we all dreamt of being one and so lucky I am now to tell you a story of living with a king, the king of android – Huawei Nexus 6P.

Personally, I am truly loyal to Android and I can say that I am not a huge fan of iPhone or IOS. And with this new Huawei Nexus 6P, it’s making it worth it to choose Android over IOS. Let’s start talking about this “king”, starting with its design.



For me, to be able to make a premium handset it should be made out from metal or aluminium which this Nexus 6P is, it is constructed from an aeronautical-grade anodized aluminium plus a bonus of diamond chamfers encircling Huawei’s iconic hardware design and a 3D curved glass. I am not a massive fan of large-sized phones but this device, that features a full metal unibody design, made its handling really amazing because of its flat sides on it and the metal is really cool in the hand.

This device also did a great job of placing its buttons which again making its handling feel really exceptional. All the buttons are on the right side which has a solid feedback when you press it plus the power button is textured so you can really find it easily even with your eyes closed.

Up top is the headphone jack while at the bottom is the reversible USB Type-C port, which for me is the new standard for charging and transferring data to laptops, phones or tablets.

Now, as you can see at the back, there are new unique designs and of course offers new hardware. The nexus logo is printed vertically which you may have already seen from the last few nexus smartphones and for everybody’s information, this logo is not like those that easily peels off in time, it is now painted onto its metal back.

Some of you might be wondering what is that crazy shiny circle on top of the logo, well it is one of those new hardware offerings which I just said – fingerprint scanner which is a built in feature of Android 6.0 Marshmallow. It is also known as the simplified security of the phone because this ergonomic fingerprint sensor that requires an ID, will keep your Nexus 6P fast and secure. Just one simple touch will let you get to your apps, open your emails and browse your photos. One more thing that I like is that black bar housing the camera with its laser autofocus system and the flash, it just really fits the phone for me.

Moving on to the camera, it is rocking a 12.3 MP which I can say is the best compared to the previous ones. The 1.5 microns sensor allows more light to enter, which makes your photos turn into beautiful vivid shots and allows you as well for better low-light photography. It definitely is a fast and good automatic shooter, this 6P also features additional modes and these are Panorama and Lens Blur.For the images, I can say then that the quality is actually really great. On the other hand, for the video it can capture at 120 fps or 240 fps slow motion capture, 720p resolution and 4k recording is also available.

Back to the front is where you will see that it has a dual speaker, that provides a definitely a good sound experience.


Let’s go to the display, hardware and software of the phone. It comes with a 5.7″ WQHD AMOLED display that results in a clarity of 518 pixels per inch. It brings higher color saturation levels, giving you a very enjoyable viewing experience.

Nexus 6P’s hardware comes with the latest version of the octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 v2.1 processor which makes its performance faster than the previous ones. Its built-in storage is 32GB and of course, 64GB and 128GB are also available, so if you want a definite big storage, this one’s great for you.

Next to the battery, it has a long-lasting 3450 mAh battery with the courtesy of a new power saving feature from Android 6.0 Marshmallow, it is Doze which makes Nexus 6P last for two full days with moderate usage because Doze makes applications in a deeper state of sleep than the usual ones and it as well keeps the battery from draining when it is on standby unlike other smartphones which use battery even if you are not really using it.


So there you have it, presenting everyone, the king of android – Nexus 6p which is really worthy of consideration and of course worth the price since it is an android phone which can really satisfy just anyone.


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