April Story


Happy weekend everyone! Another part of my Instagram story is here. This month, April, is just quite the proper start of my vacation, I mean not really that much yet because I just had my exams recently, but nevertheless, it’s the most enjoyable so far. Instagram, as you may guys all know, still is very personal and the snaps really have stories behind them and those are really the things I do everyday and the foods I eat everyday. So, as what I just said, it’s quite the start of my proper vacation so mainly, the highlight of this month’s story is my trip (which I believe is you already know, if not yet you may read it here), the foods I ate, which is a little bit of a sin for me because I definitely ate a lot of unhealthy foods which are contrasting to my program. My dog, the outfits I wore on the trip, and of course some pictures that look just simple but they have deeper meanings for me, just like that “tattoo-like” photo. And yes, there you have it, as simple as that for the month.

Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram (amichellepnd), I love to take pictures of my every day life, the food I eat and my OOTD’s. Following me on instagram is like following me on my everyday life. I also post here some products I am working with, the places I go to, of course blog snaps. So, don’t forget to follow me! Love you!

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