Fighting Negativities

Hello, there guys! Here comes the time again where I share some deep thoughts based on what’s currently happening in my life and I decided to instead of telling you the problems or the things that aren’t really good, I thought that it’ll be great to just share some positive thoughts which we can all use to brighten up our moods or our day. So I went through Google for some positive quotes and these are the top five quotes/images that I really liked.(Everything is based on my interpretation, if you have your own interpretation, comment them below)



1. So for this first quote, I think this is what we should always apply every single day in our lives. Like never be affected of what others will say to you, for example if they say that you can’t do such things, don’t listen to them, believe in yourself that you can always do them. That those things that they think about you is wrong, that you can always do those things that they can also do, and just really do what makes you happy because, after all, that’s your life, no one should control you and what’s gonna happen in your life, go and make your own story. For all those people who have lots of insecurities, who doesn’t really have a strong confidence, this quote is perfect for you. I mean, all of us have a time in our lives where we just really feel insecure with a lot of things and sometimes what others say about us get really into our head especially if they’re not good, which leads us to the point where we get upset about it. Some people will really say bad things about you, will really not see good things, like they will say you’re ugly, they will leave you, they will make you feel unloved and just definitely hurt you. But, please,  stop believing with that, always think that, that’s just one person and there are a lot of people in the world, for sure, there will still be at least one who will find you beautiful, unique, chosen, who will love you, will set you apart and just definitely accept you for who you are, so darling, please smile.


positive life quotes (2)

3. This is somewhat same as above, you can’t please everybody, you can never ask all of them to like you and accept you. There will always be a person who will not like you, who will hate you. And you shouldn’t be too sad with that, I mean, that’s you and for others, you are perfectly awesome, that everything’s fine about you, so if there is this one person who doesn’t like you, don’t change yourself, because it’s not gonna be worth it, okay? Just think that he’s just this unimportant piece in the world, that there are thousands of people who will still like you for who you are and will accept you for all your flaws. If the person can’t accept you, well then he or she’s not worthy because if you do have a worth to that person, he or she will accept you even if you have a lot of imperfections.



4. Never be afraid of trying things. Never be afraid to take risks. If you have a dream or you want something, never stop trying to reach it, never be afraid to fail because even if you’ll fail with your proper dream or just literally this thing that you want to reach, always keep in mind that everything happens for a reason and that everything we do has corresponding things with them. Like if you failed, maybe that’s really not just for you, and for sure something really good will come your way. If you didn’t reach that goal, you may end up with something which will be more fit to you and soon, you’ll realize that if you didn’t end up in the moon, you’ll see that you’re there landed among the stars and it’s just really beautiful in there unlike if you’ll land on the moon.



5. To sum all this up, your day or the happenings in your life will just all depend on you and on how you look at them. If you will treat all the negativity as negative then everything will just be negative and it will just really be hard for you to deal with them. But, when you keep things positively, like all those criticisms, all those hates, and just anything, if you will look at them positively, then everything else will follow. Just always look at the brighter side of each situation and for sure, you will be able to pass through it and just enjoy life and don’t let negativities intrude you, because as what they always say, you only live once so live your life to the fullest.


Hope you enjoyed this blog post and I wish that I at least offered even just a little bit of help or spread some positivity because trust me, having lots of negative vibes every single day is not fun, I’ve been through that, many times and still going through it, it will be tough and if you will give up, then nothing will happen… so instead, be positive and go on with your life, gorgeous.

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