Back to School Outfits

Hello, there guys! It’s been a little long since I talked about outfits and I’ve been quite inactive with updating, I am sorry with that because there are just really some important personal matters and just went through something that made me want to have a little “hiatus” and recently, school just started. But, what’s important is, I’m back, happier and stronger. And so, speaking of school, for today’s blog post, it’s gonna be about outfit ideas for those who won’t wear uniforms(more like college students) and really have to follow dress codes plus you’ll also get to know what are my go-to outfits and what kind of outfits do I love to wear.

For the first outfit, this is my “Monday Lazy Look” because who loves Mondays? Well, tbh. I really don’t like Mondays and I am the laziest. So for Mondays, you always want to wear something you are comfortable to wear like sweatpants, shirts, sweatshirts, or anything that you are most comfortable to wear. And then, you can just always rock a beanie and your favorite sneakers, for me, I guess Vans will fit perfectly for this.

“Cheer up Tuesday Look” For Tuesdays, we should start cheering ourselves up and accepting the fact that we have a long week to go through, so you have to wear something that will brighten up your day, which I think, a Nutella tee will do a great job. This outfit is still kind of comfortable enough but with a little bit of cheering up, then you can always wear your favorite converse, and accessorize it with either a hat, a beanie or just have an eyewear.

For this third look, which I called “Humpy-Wednesday Look”, since Wednesday is really that hump in your week where you are in between being lazy and at the same time excited to end the week. Either you will wear a brighter statement shirt or have a casual look. For me, I decided to have this kind of casual look, because why not, right? You can always look for any blouse or polo and pair it with your go-to casual flats.

Thursday! I love Thursdays, but not as much as I love Fridays. “Give Thursday Love Look” can always be a bold look, you can always have a street style or an edgy look telling everyone that you are so ready for weekends. Black will always gonna work for an edgy kind of look, then get off with your sneakers and say hello to your loafers. Black leather pants? They should never be missed when talking about edginess. You can also add more accessories but for me, I will just leave it like that because simplicity is still a very good point.

“This is Me Friday Look” Friday… It’s all about having fun because you can go out with your friends during the weekends or just chill at home. For Friday, again you have two choices, either you pull out your best outfit or define yourself through your outfit—which I did. This outfit is very me, I am a massive fan of crop tops and high waisted jeans. I love to keep things simple and comfortable always, so for the footwear, I’d either want to wear a white converse or a black leather loafer.

And there you have it! I really am that person who isn’t comfortable enough to wear skirts or dresses when going to school and so the next outfit there is to wear pants because of the dress codes. I am not of any professional and I am not very confident with my fashion taste but I hope you like it. Good luck for this coming school year, I hope you’ll do great.

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    • Thanks, love! ❤️ Keep on reading and you might as well want to spread it, who knows we might inspire other people. Love ya! Thank you. All the love, x.


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