Lip Essentials


As most of you will be aware, I am a massive lipstick lover. First reason is, I just find it very beautiful and makes you feel more lady-ish and another reason is that I really have pale lips so I really can’t go out without wearing any product on my lip unless I want to look like I’m so sick that I’m gonna die. So, I decided to make a blog post and share my lip essentials slash favorites.


So, the first one is this Bobbie Lipstick on shade LS-013 and my Watson’s Lip Balm (excuse if it looks so dirty). You may have seen this lipstick already from my different posts meaning that I really love this lipstick and these two products are what I wear the most. Since I go to school every day, this is what I usually use because it’s not too bold or not too light for me and for the lip balm, I always have to put lip balm because I have an annoying dry lips, I love this lip balm so much, I have it for already more than a year and I use it every single day, it’s so cheap and it’s very worth it.


Next product is my lip tattoo. I don’t really use this because it takes me a lot of time to apply it and whenever I go out of the house, I really am always in a rush and the last option that I have is for me to apply this. I only use this whenever I really have to go out for an entire day because this product won’t need me to retouch every now and then. I talked about this in a separate post, I had a review in details, so go check it out here.


For the last product, which is a new addition and the product that I am currently loving the most. I always wanted to have a matte lipstick but I am afraid that it will look like a mess on my lips because as I mentioned, I really have dry lips so it’s soo hassle for me if I’ll be having a matte one. But, recently, I decided to finally have a matte one, and this lippy is so far, doing a great job. I have the shade 09 and 012. I am not a very big fan of quite dark or reddish shades, but I decided to kind of go out of what I am used to and grabbed this shades.

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