July Story

Here comes the second month of school… Recently, I talked about here, the things that are going on in my life and most of them aren’t that quite fun but, the benefits of social media, you can control the things that you want people to see and of course, I wanted to let people see the happy thoughts rather than the not so happy ones. For the month of July, most of my Instagram snaps are my outfits, happiness, and me always going out. I posted snaps like cinema tickets and my date with my sister. Of course, there will always be at least one snap of a food in the story and my dogs, which you guys may or may not know, that I love a lot. If talking about going out with people and having fun, July did a great job as you can see pictures of nature and having fun with my friends.

Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram (amichellepnd), I love to take pictures of my every day life, the food I eat and my OOTD’s. Following me on Instagram is like following me on my everyday life. I also post here some products I am working with, the places I go to, of course, blog snaps. So, don’t forget to follow me! Love you!

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