August Story

14247808_1075093229195027_2146863168_o (1).jpg

The third month of school and I feel like I’m barely breathing… I’ve been definitely busy with school and been MIA here on my blog because I didn’t want to write just for the sake of having a post, I want every blog post here to really be something that I want and not just because I need to post one. So for the month of August, as you can see, the stuffs aren’t that much exciting unlike the previous Instagram stories, as I’ve said, it’s more of the things in school, me and my friends, although there are some outfits posted, these are just some normal days and not so exciting ones, and of course my prizes for taking school seriously and working hard, it’s when I go out – the cinema tickets, some parties. August really drove me insane, a lot of things happened here in the Philippines, I got sick multiple times, my grandmother got sick and hospitalized, my school works are just really so not giving me sleep and drove me totally crazy. But all in all, of course, we always have to look at the brighter side so, let’s just focus on the happy and good ones.

Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram (amichellepnd), I love to take pictures of my every day life, the food I eat and my OOTD’s. Following me on Instagram is like following me on my everyday life. I also post here some products I am working with, the places I go to, of course, blog snaps. So, don’t forget to follow me! Love you!


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