September Story


September… September… September… Hey! It’s the start of “ber” months and who isn’t excited for Christmas? It is supposed to be an exciting month, I mean before, during this month, I am already excited for Christmas but today, since there are tons of happenings, I don’t feel like being so into the vibe of Christmas because I still have to deal with a lot of things, there are just so many negativities and there are just so many things bugging me, so for the month’s Instagram story, I really didn’t have that many things to share, I became really inactive in social media and even in this blog because I have to deal with a lot of serious personal matters, my school, my family, etc. I don’t want to post things or make an article when I really am not feeling it, I don’t want to post things just for the sake of me having to post something. This month is really a bumpy one, it’s full of high highs and low lows. At one point, you’re just so happy and the next second you want to cry. My anxiety really hit me too hard and I can barely deal with it. But now, I’m done with the drama, it’s semestral break and I hope that everything’s gonna put into place and everything’s gonna be fine. So there you have it, the Instagram story for the month of September where I shared some really small bits of what happened because there are not so many positive things that happened for the month.

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