October Instagram Story


Loook who’s so late for deadlines? I’m back! It’s better late than never. Well, hold on guys because there will be tons of posts to be uploaded for the following days! I’ve been toooooo busy lately, I am way too occupied with things that I barely open this blog. (I massively hate this) Okay, so I will try my very best to compose this post based on what I can still remember for the month of October. But, first things first, I really am not feeling myself lately, because like my past Instagram Story, there are still tons of things running inside my head and it makes me feel so low these past few months and I find it really hard to make an article or write if I really am not into it, so that’s why here I am, rushing and trying to cope up. As far as I can remember for the month, nothing much really happened so my social media accounts are quite boring. It’s semestral break, so most of the time, I just stayed at home or just went out with my friends. For the content of the month, I just have there the products I post on my blog, my friends, some photos of mine and of course, my boyfriend♥. Nothing much excited, right?  Let’s see for the next months, then.

Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram (amichellepnd), I love to take pictures of my every day life, the food I eat and my OOTD’s. Following me on Instagram is like following me on my everyday life. I also post here some products I am working with, the places I go to, of course, blog snaps. So, don’t forget to follow me! Love you!

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