Guess Who’s Back?


Guuuuuess who’s back? Back again!!! And yes! I’m finally back with blogging pals! It took bloomin’ ages before I finally had this like “calling” to go back, (lol whaaaaat?!) Anyways, yes! I know I’ve said it many times already, but yeah it’s real that I’m back at it… Blogging is something that I’ll always gonna go back to…

There are questions asked thru emails or messages about why am I not anymore blogging, did I stop? Or what is happening to me and I haven’t answered any of those, and today, of course, I thought I’d be answering them. Okay so for those who want to know, I didn’t really stop blogging, yes I stopped for quite a while, and I had so many reasons, I always wanted to go back, I tried so many times, to be honest. But, I think those times were really just not my time yet to expose myself and I still am not on that right situation for me to write. I want my blog to be purely honest and as much as possible I want to share real life happenings, and that’s the reason why I stopped, I don’t want to fake it, like, writing articles or blog posts that I’m really not into it. I don’t want to publish a post that I was just forced to write so.. There are so many happenings, first is that I’ve been busy with school, there are really tons of things to do and I cannot even afford to open the blog nor any of my social media accounts, I got occupied with all the school works that I even sometimes doesn’t have the chance to get enough sleep. (student problems, yes right!) Next thing, I had soooooo many personal matters, which I want to keep it still personal. And of course, if you’ve been reading my blog since I started or read my blog posts, you know that I have an anxiety disorder and I’m sure not to everyone’s surprise here, my anxiety just got worst. It’s like eating my mind already, which led me to not wanting to interact with a lot of people and show myself or the happenings in public. I was too afraid to get judged with my posts and receive hate mails again, so instead, I decided to have a break, to refresh everything and compose myself so that I’ll be back again. Anxiety is way too hard to fight, I always wanted to write, I always wanted to communicate, I always wanted to share, but anxiety is holding me back and it’s the tough part that you want to fight and tell that flippin’ anxiety that you’re stronger than it, but you can’t (well, maybe I am really not that strong enough yet.) Anyways, enough of those. The important things right now is that I’m back again and I’ll try my very best to constantly write again and share things to you guys. And with thaaat, I’d like to give massive thanks to all those who are still continuously supporting the blog and trying to ask me about thigs. Real sincere massive thanks guys.. all the love, x.

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